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Zoning In, Zoning Out
by Madonna Kettler

 In my younger years growing up on the plains of South Dakota, it was easy to enter the zone, or become one with nature and the world around you. I would simply look out a window or from the seat of a tractor, at nature, at the beauty around me as the wind was blowing through my hair. I could simply be in that moment. There were many, many hours working in those fields, in that farm house, walking the gravel roads, when my mind was allowed to go wherever it wanted. I could simply be in that moment or daydream, see the beauty of the plains, the sunsets, the splendor of Mother Nature. I could enter that zone most any time. That is my earliest recollection of entering the silence, entering the zone, being keenly aware of the beauty within and without. I was reminded of that just the other day when I went to visit a friend on her newly purchased land in Mora (a future Wholeness Center site!) Another friend and I were all set to help her clean her new home when a storm came rolling in. You see storms out in the country. You see the clouds coming. You feel the static in the air, the wind whipping around, changing direction. You see whether there's hail in the clouds or whether a tornado is forming. You sense the change in the atmosphere, feel the adrenaline rush. We opened the front door and watched the clouds roll, watched the curtains of rain pelting the earth. We were standing there by the open door, watching this as we entered the zone. Just standing there, memories flooding back, mesmerized by the weather, by the beauty, yet danger, all around. And then the electricity went out....just like on the farm in South Dakota! Oh darn, we couldn't get any work done. We just sat and talked and watched. To me this is one of the best forms of entering the zone. Being with people you care about in a relaxed atmosphere, with only words, thoughts, feelings, and sometimes silence, to share.

 We all "zone out" at times. Some of us do it consciously, when meditating, drumming, practicing Yoga or Tai Chi. Others zone out automatically when daydreaming or exercising. It's up to us to find out what technique works for us, what technique allows us to find that special place where we connect with our higher self, listen to our intuition, experience total familiarity with All That Is. While receiving a healing many people experience such a deep sense of relaxation, when they allow light and healing energy to flow within them. Meditation is an extremely powerful way of experiencing that sense of wholeness, where everything "clicks" in our lives. It is a marvelous way of listening to Spirit, another way of allowing Spirit to flow within you. Hypnosis is a method where you take yourself to a place in your mind where you change what your mind may have created previously - a habit or attitude you wish to change. "What the mind has created, the mind can change." Hypnosis is a combination of meditation and positive suggestion that allows you to go deep within your unconscious mind and change yourself in a positive manner. These are some of the methods I am most familiar with.

 Last night in spiritual development class my guides stated very clearly that particularly during this time of accelerated change, sound/toning were crucial to our growth process. With the vibrational changes that are occurring in the earth as well as in ourselves, toning will take us into the meditative state even more rapidly. It will accelerate our healing process. It will allow us to connect with Spirit on an even deeper level. It will allow us to experience the Spirit that we truly are. It was suggested that we find a tone that "resonates" with our body at that time. This tone may change. One day it may be a drum beat, a musical note, or the sound of a bell, whistle, or instrument you're drawn to. The next day it may be something else, a different sound. It is up to us to find what tone is for us. Drumming may have never meant much to you. Now you feel the need to connect with a drum of some type. You may find that these vibrations or tones will take care of a headache, nervous stomach, or other stressor. You will be surprised, if you just make the time to "resonate" and connect your body, mind and spirit. We tried it for only a very brief period of time, and were amazed at the positive results!

 Of course it's up to YOU to discover what is for your highest good on your journey. My suggestion though, is if you are feeling drawn to whistle or drum, hum, sing, play an instrument, listen to a certain type of music, or take a walk in nature, please DO IT, or find a class that offers it. If Meditation, Hypnosis, Tai Chi, Yoga, drumming, or another method is drawing you, look for a way to take a class or somehow experience these methods of expanding your psyche. If you can't take a class, search out a quiet space to do your own thing, but Spirit said the quiet wasn't necessary, nor was the special place. Take only 3 minutes if that is all you have. But DO SOMETHING!!! If something resonates positively with you, go with that feeling, and be aware of what is happening. Is your attitude changing? Are you receiving guidance? Feeling more relaxed? Receiving what you need at that time? Part of this positive change is that you are taking time for yourself, for your self-development. When we begin to listen to our intuition and MAKE that time for ourselves, we are greatly rewarded.

 Blessings on your journey!

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