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by Madonna Kettler

 During the last years of a dissolving marriage, one of the things my now ex-husband and friend commented on was how I used the word "whatever". It really bothered him, because he felt I was discounting anything he said as trivial or unimportant.  Of course I didn' t like hearing this.  I would comment it was just an expression and didn' t mean anything.  (A tad bit of denial!)  Now I see that was the only way I could respond because I was not in touch with my feelings.  I needed to leave this relationship and didn' t know how. I was frustrated, angry, and when he asked me to make a decision little or big - "whatever" was the only word I could say.  I just didn' t care about very much at that time.  I was numbed by the emotions and fears I would not or could not recognize.  Now, after over 12 years of spiritual study, I look back on the word, "whatever".

 I have learned on this journey to shift aspects of myself that I am not so proud of, into aspects I can embrace.  Thus came the changing of the meaning and feeling when I said the word "whatever".  The realization happened during a powerful meditation on Bear Butte. I was shown how differently I use that word now.  It is now a word of surrender, " Not my will but Thine be done ", or " Whatever I am to know or experience, so be it. "  

 I've done this a lot recently.   Words that had little meaning to me are becoming important in my life now, by changing or altering their meaning to fit what works for me!  

 I always thought surrender meant not standing up for what I believed in, that I was  giving in. Now I know surrender doesn' t mean we give in to anything!   When I heard the word "whatever" in the same sentence as surrender, I realized how imperative it was for me to shift the energy of my words to fit the path I was on.  I needed to change the lackadasical, non-caring energy of the word whatever, to a deep, self-empowering word of surrender.

 Somehow this makes life easier.  I recently was talking with a friend who had the flu, how many of us don't admit to getting the flu and we believe a virus is the best way to change our DNA, so instead of saying we have the flu, we call it detoxing, releasing, cleansing.  We don' t have the flu; we are evolving!  So on the one hand we laugh about it, while on the other hand we accept it as progress!  We changed the energy of the word  flu into an energy we can work with and accept  evolution!  

 Let's begin now to understand the power of words.  We can change a word such as hard to challenging. A hard situation can feel almost impossible while a challenging situation is softer, more empowering.  This works!  

 Try changing the word can't to choose not to at this time, or the word  broke to  temporarily out of cash at this time.  See how much better you feel when your words are more carefully chosen and inspirational?  They can change your outlook from one of discouragement to one of encouragement!

 Changing the energy of words is exciting!  It makes life more fun!  When you soften the meaning of words you soften your attitude towards them and towards life in general.  Don't you agree, we can use more softness, love, and acceptance in the world?  Start now, with how you express yourself.  Talk about words and their power with friends.  Begin to feel how they affect you, andchange them if they affect you negatively.  We are indeed changing the world, let's do it on every level, beginning with our thoughts, then our spoken words.   

 Thank you for making the time to read this message.  I hope it has touched you in a special way.  If it changes your outlook in any way, my intention has been accomplished.  If not, then "whatever".   [Translation:   It' s okay, the Universe is in charge.]


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