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The Living Spiral
by Kay Holm

 I was an hour early for my appointment.  I am never an hour early.  But, I was downtown and waiting so I found a quiet corner and a comfortable chair, took out my planner, and was going to make a few notes for my upcoming meeting.  Then it happened.  I was downloaded with the information I had been seeking for years.

 I am a seeker by nature.  I studied Jung' s theories and Jean Houston' s mythology and Mystery Schools.  I studied the Medicine Wheel with Hyemeyosts Storm, was initiated into the Great Sweet Medicine Wheel by my dear friend Rena Lindgren, and read numerous books on the Wheel.  I attended workshops with such shaman greats as Michael Harner and studied with a woman shaman.  I studied the eastern traditions and the human energy system.  And I have taught many classes on these topics.  

 But, I could not see how it all fit together.  All the wisdom felt as if it was lacking an overall system, an overall theme.  Until that day when I was an hour early.

 I was given the picture of the Spiral, the Living Spiral.  My fingers flew across the page making connections after connections about all the wisdom I had studied.  It all made so much sense; it seemed so easy.  Why did it take me so many years to get to it?  I guess like all things, it is only easy when you and the universe are ready for it to be known.  And it is time.  I received the message that I am the Spiral Keeper and over the past year I have come to understand a bit of what that means.  It is an awesome responsibility, one which I treat with reverence and awe.

 Last fall, on the circle of stones, in a rustic wooded area near Brainerd, which will someday become a retreat and recharge center (named Esker Lodge), I joined with a group of wonderful friends to bring the first Spiral to earth.  The Spiral acts as a portal to bring energies to the earth to assist in shifting humanity.  It can also be used by individuals who are attuned to it in helping them to pull that which they wish to manifest from other dimensions to this dimension or it can assist in travel to other dimensions.

 The original Spiral will remain at Esker Lodge for as long as the Spirals are needed.  I found the location while I was walking the land at Esker.  The owner and I were looking for the spot that we both knew was there.  She turned to the right as if to take me off in that direction, but I called her back and said, pointing the other way,  isn' t it this way?  We traveled off to the left a short distance to find the circle of stones.  A voice had called me there.  It sang the call of the Spiral.

 Upon finding the circle of stones, I attempted to climb on them.  I immediately was pushed down.  The stones were not for walking upon; they are far too sacred.  The very fascinating thing about this circle of stones is that no one can find any good reason why they were placed in the middle of a forested area.  They were placed for the sacred.

 It is my task to bring the Spirals in, maintain them, and teach about them.  I will be doing seasonal workshops at Esker Lodge near Brainerd where the original Spiral is located.  We will also be bringing in a temporary Spiral at the current Golden Visions site and a permanent one will be brought in when we have our permanent location.  I will also be doing seasonal workshops at the current Golden Visions site.

 I know that I will be establishing several other Spirals throughout the world.  It is an awesome task, and I need support from those who feel called to the workshops and from the Universe.


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