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Honoring our Contract
Madonna Kettler

 This past May I was ordained as a minister into the Order of Melchizedek. I had not invited any family or friends as I did not see any strong significance in the event; it was just a step I was taking that would allow me to practice "legally" in any state. As both a healer and hypnotist, I needed to be an ordained minister in order to have physical contact with clients during a hands-on-healing. As a healer I am allowed to do this, but as a hypnotist it was illegal in some states. As the officiator began the services, he talked about what it meant to be of service - what we were committing to by becoming ministers; that we were committing to be available to others for guidance, support, or healing, and all this entailed. It really caught me by surprise but it certainly felt RIGHT. Although I had already committed inwardly to serve by being a lightworker or wayshower, this was the outward commitment. The biggest surprise was when I felt the presence of my dad (who had crossed over seven months earlier). I felt his presence all around and he was totally supportive of what I was doing. He kept saying, "I am peace. Be in peace." As I received my gift from the officiator and took my "oath," tears welled up inside. It just was so much "the right thing to do."

 Last month in the Edge I wrote about "The Adventures of Sheep Mountain Table and the Women who Could Do Anything." It talked about cooperation, letting go, healing, and working together to achieve a unified goal. It is one of my all time favorite stories because it was another a turning point in my life. It affirmed my commitment to becoming who I am.

 A few weeks ago some friends and I drove to Bear Butte (in the Black Hills) on a vision quest. It was a last minute decision - we knew we were called to visit; this journey was for a very special purpose. We each had our own agenda. Some planned to stay at the campsite, others planned to find their power spots somewhere on the Butte and stay two nights. I planned on making it to the top of the Butte, staying there at least one or two days and nights. I had recently read about Fools Crow, a Ceremonial Chief of the Teton Sioux who was truly a man of honor and always in service to others. Fools Crow had done his vision quests on Bear Butte, and I wanted to experience my vision in one of the same places he had. I wanted to connect with the spirit energy of this humble visionary, medicine man, and healer who believed in the oneness of all. I knew I would be guided to one of the spots he had visited.

 I had been fasting four days prior and the hike to the top with gear was a struggle, but every time I stopped to rest, the wind gently picked me up as I proceeded ahead another 100-200 paces. When I reached the top I looked to the west to see if that was where I was to set up my sacred site, then to the east. When I looked to the west there was no wind (it was a scorching 96 degrees that day). When I turned to the east and the wind caressed my face, it told me this was the direction to settle. I repeated this step and "knew" I had found a spot where Grandfather Fools Crow had once prayed. It was just so beautiful, so loving, and peaceful.

 The purpose of vision questing is to gain vision into some aspect of your life; your career, an answer to a question, or simply to pray, but typically there is an intention. My intention was to gain insights into my personal life and career, to let go of fears I had regarding my personal life (as well as about staying out overnight without a tent), and to connect with the spirit of Fools Crow.

I was not disappointed. It was exhilarating! I was told to share some, but not all, of my insights. (I have learned if we give away too much of ourselves, we do not allow others to become self-empowered.)

 I was told to focus on beauty, love, and peace; to continue working with people, teaching them how to live in peace and love, not fear. I was told to invent new ways of doing this. I was told the title of my book in progress. I am to focus on peace above all, peace from within first, then to expand that peace. The voice told me to worry less, to trust more. It said they was very proud of how I had accepted the lessons I had recently learned; that this would be helping others as well. They said to share my visions of peace and love and to bring that essence of peace that I was experiencing on the Butte back to my home, then to share it with others, and that I was to integrate all, not just one belief.

 They asked me to place myself in their hands, their hearts, and in their peace; they would show me how to do what I have contracted to do. It was up to me however, to listen and be guided as to just what the rest of my personal contract was in this lifetime.

 Let's begin NOW to focus on becoming who we really are...that beautiful, spiritual being! It starts from within...that very personal, internal place of love that is within all of us...our spirit. Connect with that spirit-self and find out how YOU can be of service to yourself and your community.


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