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Focused Meditation - A Powerful Body-Mind-Spirit Connection
by Madonna Kettler

 The art of hypnosis has been used for thousands of years as a tool for self-development. It has grown to be a powerful resource in medicine and psychotherapy, and has been referred to throughout human history as a method of influencing the body and mind in order to achieve "miraculous" outcomes! I was recently ‘nudged’ to learn this art form, then take it a step further, call it "focused meditation," in order to achieve even more satisfactory results through the body, mind, AND spirit connection.

 We receive dramatic results when we integrate body, mind, and spirit. Force of will in order to accomplish a goal....The Little Engine that Could - saying over and over, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."...and the mission being accomplished. The little engine made it over the hill, even though the odds were against it. When you include spirit in the body-mind connection, the "I AM" enters. The all knowingness - the spirit - makes the challenge less of a challenge and more of a naturally occurring event. What happens when the little engine says, "I AM over the hill,” and truly KNOWS this is happening? I believe it will be the same outcome, but less fuel will be used, less energy expended, and that "knowingness" will assist the little engine with the next hill of the journey!

 When we incorporate body, mind, AND spirit in our daily lives, there is no failure, only change, growth, acceptance. If we only work with one or two aspects; i.e., the mind and the body, the spirit gets ignored. The balance isn't there. It doesn't "feel right." It is so easy to focus too much on either our body, mind, or our spirit, but the ultimate goal is to balance all three. A healthy body allows us more physical freedoms, but if our mind and spirit aren't equally as healthy, again the balance isn't there. We don't appreciate who we are or where we're going. Our gratitude isn't as sincere, or we may be blocked in some other aspect of our lives.

 During meditation we visualize, create, heal, relax. My sense is that if we FOCUS this meditation on a specific goal (anxiety, stress, smoking cessation or weight loss to mention only a few), that through the body-mind-spirit connection, the outcome is enhanced, is more effective, more enduring. When we make the commitment to change and do not allow someone else to do the work for us; when our body, mind, and spirit work together with pure intent, balance is achieved and our goals are attained. I further sense that when we practice “focused meditation” in a group setting where all have a similar intent, the outcome may be further enhanced through the group consciousness. Co-creating your intentions in a supportive, loving, group setting! I see groups of people using "focused meditation" in a positive way, all the while helping themselves in their healing process while helping others. A group consciousness. Co-creating positive suggestions for a superb body-mind-spirit integration. It feels so right, so exhilarating, so pro-active, so encouraging!

 "Focused meditation" is a practice I'm developing currently; however, the body-mind-spirit connection has been an integral part of the healing process for hundreds of years. There are many ways to achieve balance, "focused meditation" being only one. It takes patience. It takes love and acceptance of yourself and others. It takes understanding and practice. It takes BE-ing.

 Listen to your intuition while meditating in order to find out what you need to do to effect the balance you are striving to achieve. Blessings on your journey!

 Peace, Love, Light, Joy, and Abundance!

Contact Madonna Kettler

(575) 534-1291 (NM)
(612) 709-5578 (Cell)

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