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Awakening My Heart
by Carol La Rock

 In the summer of 2000, I was feeling overwhelmed by my job and in search of something different.  I pulled out a beautiful brochure I picked up several years earlier describing services like hands on healing,  and so much more.  That was the something I was searching to comfort and warm my soul.  A picture of a beautiful woman, Madonna Kettler, was on the back of the brochure.  I knew the time was now to call her.

 Madonna brought healing, balance, harmony and friendship to my life when I was in need most, but least expecting it.  We had so many similar issues we would discuss before we began and when we ended our sessions.  I went back for many more.  A connection grew out of our encounters over the years.  Madonna had a vision for a Golden Visions Center where healing was available for all and everyone was welcome to experience or begin new journeys.

 My very first heart awakenings were occurring every time I was in Madonna's presence.    In one of her hands on healing classes, I personally experienced an incredible past-life awakening as did everyone else in the class.  We were brought together for this class as we were together in the past.

 I came a week early for an appointment one week and met Victoria Lucas, a massage therapist and skin care specialist.  I was in need of a massage since I was beginning to understand the blessing of pampering myself just because I deserved it and was definitely worth it.  What a blessing I experienced under Victoria's gentle hands.  More heart awakening.

 I met Kay Holm through Madonna and formed an immediate connection with her soothing and calming energy.  She helped shape and refocus my life and work direction.  Her many gifts brought peace and harmony to my soul.  More heart awakenings.

 While continuing my search for more pampering for my soul, I met Jodi Baglien.  Jodi's intuitive gifts created a specially blended mixture of essential oils that brought my heart awakening to an even more aware level.  When I put a few droplets in my tub or a few drops on my body to wear throughout the day, I was constantly reminded of how open my heart now was - to everyone.

 One more special person I met along my journey was Shaun McClay.  What a joy she brings to me.  She keeps me grounded and reminds me that I have the answers, I just need to listen to them.  Her special gift with EMF Balancing̉ reconnected me with the universe.  Continuing heart awakenings.

 Then there is Valerie Lis and Brenda Campbell.  Two beautiful and wonderfully blessed sisters who I met in January of this year and who introduced me to The Silva Method and many alternative healing methods.  Their energetic personalities and special way with people brought me closer to God and the God within me and awakened my heart even more.  Through them I began to recognize and offer my own healing gifts.  New heart awakenings every week we heal together.

 Through these wonderful people and so many others I have met these last two years, I have come to learn that I am special, that I have healing gifts and that my heart is fully awakened to the potential that was always there -- within me. I connected with many special people in spiritual support gatherings and fun events at Madonna's who are still special friends today.  I truly believe that people come into your live as you come into theirs when you and they are ready for that real, honest and loving connection.

 Join me in my path to recovery and discovery and awaken your heart to the beautiful and spiritually centered people who have brought their talents together under the "Ivy Cottage".

God's Divine Love, Peace and Healing Light to All

Contact Madonna Kettler

(575) 534-1291 (NM)
(612) 709-5578 (Cell)


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